Thursday, September 1, 2011

We are on the move!! Praise God.

After 14 months of living on the road, we have a place to lay our heads. We have moved into the parsonage side of the Hospitality House. Talk about excited. The day we got the e-mail, the kids went screaming down the hallway. They had their beds moved and unpacked by lunch. I got emotional (of course), and my heart and mind were going faster than I could I process. I feel so blessed to be able to live here.

Even though we have not taken over as the House Directors yet, I feel very responsible for the cleaning, washing, and bed-making on the ministry side. I also feel very responsible for making sure everyone is tucked in at night that stays here.

Now we are preparing for the 5th Annual fund-raising banquet for the Hospitality House. It is schedule for Oct. 11th. If you are going to be in the Killeen area, or want to give money to help us, e-mail Chris at Last year we had 315 people come to banquet. It was spiritually exciting to hear from the soldiers, as well as exciting to see God's people get excited about loving these soldiers.

Please continue to pray for Chris, as he calls on people to support us. Pray for the banquet that it can be financially fruitful. Pray for our soldiers, those deployed are trying to be a light, those at home, are in training and trying to grow spiritually, and the spouses who are trying to stay strong until the homecoming. Pray for me as I begin to finally feel organized and in charge of a household (not a tent). Pray for our children as they have started a new school year, and are trying to make new friends as well.

We count it a privilege to be here at Fort Hood sharing not only our lives but the very gospel as well.