Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Joy

What a treat that Mom & Dad plus us went together and got the girls their American Girl Historical Dolls. I was so excited to give them their dolls. From the moment they had the box in front of them I felt like I was on the verge of tears. I think as their Mom I had made certain milestones up in my mind they would reach when they were growing up, and they had hit the "big girl doll" phase. They were so happy! Instant friends!

The Wonder

A family friend gave us their old pink ipod nano to give Caleb. We ordered him an Auburn skin, covered the pink, and got him some headphones. Caleb saw the cord first, and then saw his ipod. He loved it!

The Shock

For those who haven't heard the story: David had asked for 2 things for Christmas a laptop and an ipod. So I sat David down and explained that we would not be able to get him either one of these gifts as they cost too much. He replied " I know, but why do you have to take my hope? Jesus came to be the Hope of the world and you you just crushed my hope." Needless to say, I felt bad. As a Mom I want to give my kids what they want, and David hardly asks for anything. Little did I know that God had a plan. One of our house mates in Fort Hood had upgraded his ipod to the ipod touch and wanted to sell his ipod. The price he offered was well within the hope range!!

Christmas in Kentucky

We had a new little trip to Kentucky to visit Chris' folks. Enjoyed the cold weather, seeing Christmas lights, eating yummy food, and celebrating Christmas!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Break

Well, I took a break from blogging to enjoy the holidays. And now, we are back in session. I will try to give you a quick re-cap! Before then, I will let you know that we our current location is Cullman, Alabama where we staying with my parents. We will be here until the end of February. We will be hosting a Cadence Banquet at the end of February in Phenix City, AL. Then we head to Atlanta, Georgia to meet up with our missionary friends Joy & Kendall Helgren. The Helgren's are missionaries with the IMB in Zambia, Africa. We haven't seen them in 3 years and are itching to put our hands on them while they are on furlough. After that, we are back on the road to Texas. In texas we will be speaking at more churches, meeting more people, raising support, helping at the Hospitality House, and hosting a banquet in Fort Worth. We have a lot going on.

The kids are doing great in school. Lately, we have been having snow days and have enjoyed playing some good games together and building snow sculptures!