Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Box 100

WOO HOOO!!! We boxed box 100. We actually got up to box 104! I am very happy, because when the mover came to give us a quote he said 100 boxes and he meant same size moving boxes. So I am so happy that we are close to that number. I think we can have it finished by box 140. We got some papers from Cadence, tests and all. We are going to get that finished next week as Chris doesn't have to physically attend any classes. Please pray that he makes it through the next few days. He has some finals to take, a paper to write, Cadence stuff, moving stuff, a house to pack, and good-byes. I have tried to ease his burdens and take things off his plate. So please continue to pray that all will go smoothly.

Keep watch here for: David's birthday (May 3rd), box room pictures, and our going away party pics from church.

Chris is currently using the new computer, so I cant do anything with pictures until he finishes school. I am happy to be able to get some stuff done on here though.

Take Care,

Friday, April 25, 2008


This was Uncle Nate's real belt when he was little. It is a real belt because you can take the buckle on and off like a grown-ups! So when Caleb wore it to the Preschool Program, I had to get his picture with Nate.


Making some fun photos before we left!

How old is she?

Now that's handsome!

Realizing her Biggest Fans are in the audience!

Dancing and Jumping!

He was "Hebrews" in the books of the Bible song.

Singing along!

Growing in Jesus!

Enjoying the Art show with the family.

And trying to get in as many pictures of Amy and I before we move!!
Besides, she has been to help me get all my "chores" done on Tuesday's and Thursday's!

Shaw-Kemp House or BLUEBONNETS!

Every year, Weatherford TX has a special treat. The Shaw-Kemp house opens for the prime Bluebonnet weekend. This year, the bad storms pretty much destroyed the flowers. Mom and Dad took the kids for a fun morning. I was at the Lake scrapbooking. Chris was at home getting ready for work. So everyone was having a good morning!


Well, I have been trying to get some wonderful Fort Worth things worked in to our schedule. So I was really happy when our MOPS group met at the Log Cabin Village for story time. We had so much fun. And the kids really did enjoy it. We felt very Little House on the Prairie. It made me realize how much my kids really do enjoy the simple things. One of the fun things we got to do was at the hands on house. Here the kids got to pump water, gather eggs, grind corn, make butter, play with a johnny toy, iron with a cast iron, try on clothes, and just put their hands on all the fun stuff. We thought it was wonderful when we went to the grist mill and the gentleman told us about wheat and how Jesus was the Bread of LIFE. We had a really great time!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Can I say it was some kind of Birthday!! It felt more like Christmas in April!

The morning started with the kids and Chris singing Happy Birthday to me. This followed by a gift of a Vera Bradley key chain on my front porch. Then I spent the morning cleaning the house. Shortly, after lunch, Rhonda stopped by for a visit and we had a nice time. Then Chris came home from school. Followed by Amy and Mama Gayle. Chris and the kids brought out my favorite, cookie cake. And a BIG present...a new vacuum! We ate cake and visited some more. Rhonda went home, and Jeremy cam by with the kids. While the kids visited I opened more presents... a Starbucks gift card, new clear chunky necklace, Proverbs 31 necklace, Vera Bradley Spring bag. I mean this was good! Grandmother and Granddaddy sent birthday money by mail. Then Ruth stopped by and brought another gift...a relaxation gift, shower gel and lotion. Jamie called, and couldn't come down. Michael and Rachel came by to visit. It won't be long before their baby girl is here. Stephanie called from PC to wish me a Happy Birthday! Ruth went home, Gayle left, Amy and Jeremy went home, Tonya and Jason stopped by. Jason and Chris went to get me my favorite food...Chipotle! Then Jason and Tonya went home. Nate came over. We sat and watched Little People, Big World. Then Nate went home. Now I am sitting here watching TV and posting the blog. I am one BLESSED girl! Did I mention Mom and Dad took us out for dinner last night to celebrate mine and Chris' birthday. We ate at Babe's Chicken House. I had to wear a chicken hat while they sang to me. Mom and Dad had given my gift early...a cuddlebug, a new scrapbook toy! This one one really special day. I kissed my honey and told him thanks for a fun time. And the kids got some extra loving tonight too. What a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The invite

We recieved our phone call from Rick telling us we were being invited to Cadence candidcy training. Now that phone call was great. However, getting to hold those slick white pages that came in the mail were really nice. So here is what it said:

"Dear Chris & Elizabeth,

I want to formally invite you to attend Candidacy and New Missionary Training - Phase 1, from June 15th - June 27th. We are very excited as we anticipate this time together, and we are trusting in the Lord to enable us all though this process to understand His direction in your life and of the mission more fully."

It went on to give us the break down in our travel details, Event costs, Housing and Meals, and Missionary Care Services.

Please join us in praying for people and churches who will partner with us in this ministry.

Monday, April 14, 2008

our new home

Our New House

Isn't it pretty? God is so good to give us a house large enough for all of us. I had already decided that since God was calling us to be missionaries, that I would have to be flexible. The only flexibility this house requires is that the washer and dryer are located in the storage building by the house. I am sooo happy. I can walk to the washer! Is God good. And this is only our short-term home. I just feel like this is God's way of saying "I have great things for you."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Making Progress

We have been steadily working on packing our home. I know what I want to have happen and I know what IS happening. however, my sweet friend Jamie came over on Friday. While the kids enjoyed the playing time together, Jamie and I got to work. She and I packed about 20 something boxes. I was really happy, because the one thing I was most concerned about packing my china. I know this is replaceable, but I just think it is the prettiest. I love to eat on it. I love that i registered for it, and so many people were so sweet to get it for Chris and I. So to get this all wrapped up in tons of bubble wrap made me happy! I think Jamie and I getting so many boxes packed really helped get me going. Chris and I worked this morning before he went to work, and then my mom came over and helped me some more. I hope to get at least 10 more boxes packed tomorrow. I am trying to have as much packed before our last week here. I really want to be able to enjoy telling our friends and family good-bye.

My Grandmother, Aunt Judy & Uncle Charles went over to our new house today. It is WONDERFUL!! Plenty of space and room for the kids to play. God is so good! I will post some pictures at a later date. I have to keep the suspense building.

Take care, enjoy the Lord's Day!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can a little button tell a story?

These are the newest things on Facebook. They are called "FLAIR". This is my little collection. You choose a button that represents something you like, or you send some to your friends. Well, I was laughing at how revealing these little buttons can be. And then I got to thinking about summing up oursleves in 30 buttons. And wondering do we do that in life. Do we quickly put labels on each other? Do we rush to show a little bit of oursleves and never tell the whole story? Are we afraid of what others will think? What "button" they will put on us when they see the real us?

I am so happy that God knows the whole story of our lives. He has placed a "BIG BUTTON" on me that covers all the little ones. "Forgiven"


What a Thrilling 24 Hours!!

So last night, we find out about the house (see prev. post) and then today discover it has 2 bathrooms. So we are all feeling pretty excited when Rick from Cadence International calls. He called to personally invite us to training and candidacy. I felt like this was the icing on our blessing cake. Rick and Paula had come to visit us a while back and we really enjoyed our time with them. So we just felt doubly blessed that Rick took the time to call. So in 28 days we are moving to Alabama. Then 1 and 1/2 months later we go to Colorado for Cadence. God's timing is so perfect. I am trying my best to find the words that really fit our hearts. I am not sure if there are words for these feelings. I am sure my Aunt Julie and Aunt Cathy (both educators) would be extremely helpful in this. We are just blown away by God. We have felt all along that God was calling us to this, and that everything was a formality. So for God to confirm all of this in less than 24 hours is WOW! To say that God is awesome seems to be so little today. And to say that He is Amazing doesn't seem big enough. He is so wonderful and and I am glad we are His children.

And for a bonus, today our friends Ken and Danelle told us they are expecting their first child. That thrilled me, and then made me sad that I wouldn't get to hold her...or him.

David's Excitement

David's excitement over the house was quite different than what I was expecting. Instead of asking about the yard, or if he had a room, all he wanted to know was how many bathrooms it had. So today, Chris spoke with our contact and he said the house has 2, that's right, 2 bathrooms. Well, David is sooooo thrilled. "We won't have to wait in line all the time." I hardly ever see anyone waiting in line, but apparently this is a big deal. When the little kids came in this afternoon David told them about the 2 bathrooms and they were animated and excited. Who knew 2 bathrooms could make 4 little children so happy!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How GREAT is Our GOD!

Our God is an AWESOME God!

When Chris and I felt God calling us to become faith-based missionaries, we totally trusted God. We have always trusted God and have tried to live in obedience. But this time it was different. It was like being on the edge of the cliff and God asking us to jump. This time, we really haven't had to think. We have trusted BELIEVING God was using us to go into this ministry. And so we have felted wrapped in a cocoon of peace. And my logical mind says "this doesn't make sense". But my heart is jumping up and down proclaiming God's truths. My God is a faithful God!

I have said for the last few months that I believed God wanted us to have a free house in Phenix City to live in while we were in transition between seminary life and missionary life. And tonight, we found out that a church in Alabama has agreed to let us stay in their missionary house for FREE. We will get to pay the utilities, and there is room for all of us! Now tell me isn't God wonderful!!!!!

So tonight when I told Caleb, Abigail, and Julia. The girls started singing "How Great is our God..sing with me...How great is our God and ALL will see how great, how great is our God."

And we all started praising God thanking him for our new house. I was soo moved, because this was exactly what God was teaching not only my family but prayerfully all the people who will walk through our doors. Our God is great!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Zoo Trip

Mom and Dad took us to the zoo this weekend. Before we went, I asked each child which animal they would like to see and have their picture made with. So we hope you enjoy!

Can you guess what Julia wanted to have her picture made with?

A Sleeping Snake

David wanted his picture with his favorite college mascot....

The Tiger!

Now, this was an otter who once he spotted Caleb kept swimming right up to the tank and scaring us. Caleb thought this made him really special. And we all laughed because the otter continued to see Caleb, even if he moved.

Caleb with his favorite animal


A co-worker of moms gave the girls a bag of hand me down clothes. In the bottom of the bag was a stuffed giraffe'. Abigail instantly adopted her and giraffe' has become her critter. So when we heard there was a new baby at the zoo, we knew she would love it. Dad said hearing her response to seeing that giraffe for the first time was priceless.

The New Baby!

We all had a good time, and we did feel very tired and sore. At bedtime, we thanked God for so many beautiful creatures. It was wonderful to know he created each one!! The kids did talk about the wild weather show. This is the indoor theater, that describes Texas wildlife for kids. And it has rain and thunder and lightning. The kids have talked about this all morning, discussing what scared them and what made them happy.

Abigail's funny story this morning between her and David.
"Abigail, when you grow-up you can work at the zoo and take care of the giraffe's"
"Oh. OK. Until I have the baby that will grow in my belly named Arial."

You just never know what you will overhear!

A special thanks to Hudson Family for the use of the Awesome zoom lens.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our First Friend Slumber Party

Since our time is ticking away here in Texas, It was time to have
our friends over for a sleep-over. The girls slept in the clubhouse. Which is the room filled with boxes that has a little nook in it. They were pretending to sleep in the above picture. The two little boys slept in the pirate ship. Which is the bottom bunk with a blanket on the side. The oldest boy, stayed up with his Dad and played a computer game, and was allowed to sleep on the couch. This was a BIG DEAL night for everyone. All the kids slept through the night. And breakfast was when all the parents had the time to sit around together and visit. A cherished time with our friends before we go. We are so blessed. I don't say that lightly. We will all fill the sadness of leaving them, in a different way. So, we are going to give each other a lot of grace!

Tales from Daddy Barron

Today, Mom, Dad,Myself, and the kids were sitting in Wendy's. Dad started telling us some funny stories. I had to post a couple to make you laugh along.

Daddy Barron shot a BB out his parents car window

Daddy Barron hit his sister (little Sandy) on the back of the head with a play gun while they were playing cowboys. He was disappointed she didn't pass out.

Daddy Barron got spankings!!! UNBELIEVABLE

Daddy Barron was scared of a goat. Again, UNBELIEVABLE!!

Daddy Barron shot the neighbors pig with a gun.

Daddy Barron shot a blue jay and a robin. And didn't eat either! And felt really bad about it later.

We really got to get him going again sometime, Mom and I were rolling with laughter, and I think David thought he was making it all up!

I think it is funny, that we never heard some of these tales until Daddy Barron had time to retire and think of his Sweet Home(Cullman) Alabama! I can't wait to hear what he thinks of next.

Little note from Julia:

Daddy Barron: "I can't believe we ordered all these
Frosty's, what a mess."

Julia: "That is why we have these napkins."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Questions

Here are some of the questions the kids asked about the song.

1. Is Uncle Brian carrying a burden?

2. What is a brothel?

3. I like the story of Moses

4. Who are the saints?

5. And where are they marching to?

6. What is the Underground Railroad?

7. Didn't Abraham Lincoln free the slaves?

8. What was the guys name in the movie about that? a. Jim Elliot the missionary, End of the Spear the movie

This was a very tear-filled conversation as I talked about how all Christians feel like there are battles left unfought. And then I talked about God's faithfulness to us. And how even when we don't understand everything that goes on in this fallen world, we have to trust God. And we can become encouraged by thinking on the stories of the faithful ones who have gone before us. We talked a little bit about soldiers and how they lay down their lives for our freedom. It was a really sweet time. I felt like I didn't water-down the words of the song, but spoke about only the ones that they could connect with. I was impressed with David's insight about Brian and his living on dialysis. We prayed that uncle Brian would be able to be a light for others, and that God would use his life as a testimony.

May you feel blessed today and may you find a new way to be encouraged in this crazy, but absolutely beautiful world we live in.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Early Birthday

Amy and I were sitting at the Starbucks on Trail Lake tonight. Nate had called, and he and I were chatting about what was on my birthday wish list. I had told him I wanted a Starbucks card, so that when I move I can still have my Venti Mocha Frappacino - no whip! Well, while I am sitting talking to him on the phone, this employee comes around the corner and says "Elizabeth?...This is from your brother" and hands me a gift card. Then I hear Nate on the phone saying "Happy Early Birthday!" Amy and I convince Nate to come in. So we sit and visit for a little bit, and then he headed home. Now tell me, isn't that a sweet brother!