Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Sorry it is taking me so long to update. We have been busy with the Church Christmas Drama, Childrens program, Fantasy in Lights, end of school, and are now getting ready for all our company!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Getting ready to watch the AU/AL game
Fun photo time with Nate

We don't want Uncle Nate to leave!

Nate in his HS jacket!

David trying out Caleb's new night vision goggles!

Helping prepare the Thanksgiving meal

Grandma Jan

Bro. Roger's Thanksgiving Ride

Caleb's photo time

Nate "assisting" in clearing the Beaver Dam

Chris almost falling in

Nate making sure I got his picture

Green Acres!!

I worked on clearing the creek culvert

Nate bought Chris this mustache at the Dollar Store
Vending Machine.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are in route on our way home from our " 4 Parks, 3 Generations, 1 Magical Vacation". It has been a blast. I had a unscheduled minor procedure done right before we left home. i expected this to be a huge set back. Fortunately, Judy took care of me til my Mom got in town, and then mom took over, well, being Mom. So, it didn't slow us down too much.

Highlights in Words:
"I love seeing the princess'"
"That was AWESOME" - Haunted Mansion-David
"We are gonna do it AGAIN" - Splash Mountain-Caleb
"I'm scared" - Splash Mountain - Julia
"I don't want to get wet"- Splash Mountain- David & Me
"I love rollercoasters" - Big thunder Mountain railroad - Abigail
"I only get to watch this in 1D" -Mickey's Philharmagic- Nate
"I need a drink" -EVERYBODY
"I liked your movie" - to Tink - Julia
"For Narnia" - the kids with Prince Caspain
"I like you." - to Minnie Mouse - Abigail
"I'm tired." - EVERYBODY
"That was Awesome" - Illuminations - Julia
"OOH, OOH, John Smith" - Illuminations - David
"This is so good. This is my 5th one". - Beirgarten's Pretzel Rolls - Me
"That was the best food we had to eat." Beirgarten - Chris
"That was a really great movie." - the American Adventure - David
"That was a great movie...for sleeping" - the American Adventure - Nate
" It really is pretty" - the Castle - Mom
"Talk in your Aerial voice Mama" - Julia
"We gotta ride that again" - Soarin' - EVERYBODY

More to Follow.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't make this stuff up!!

STORY ONE: I was not sure if David was excited about going to Disney World. He has made a few cheerful comments, but not to the level Others of us have. But last night when he was writing his spelling sentences, he put the date on the top of his paper. That was good, but he followed it with: WDW 9-11-09!!

STORY TWO: Abigail "I am so excited I am gonna get to meet Aerial in her feet." In other words Aerial will be in a dress and not a fin!!

STORY THREE: Abigail lost her first tooth. And I cried like a baby. I didn't even know I would. The end of another chapter. Such bittersweet milestones!

STORY FOUR: A little girl at Veritas wanted to kiss Caleb. Well he came and told me and sat down next to me and said "Mom I don't want to kiss girls yet, I want to save kisses for my wife."

STORY FIVE: We picked up three bags of hand me down clothes yesterday. Julia was so excited about the pair of flannel pajamas she put them on over her clothes.

STORY SIX: Last night, Caleb and David climbed into bed. The light was off, and Caleb felt something climb on his arm. He brushed it off, but was pretty scared. I tried to laugh and make light of it. We lifted the mattress, shook out the covers, etc. Caleb was convinced it was a frog. And he just couldn't go to sleep. I mean he was crying that he didn't want to get back in that bed. So just as I had comforted him enough to get him to lay down I saw the 2 inch long cockroach running across the floor. Chris (who is deathly afraid of these bugs) barely handed me some tissues. I killed the bug and scooped him up in the tissues to flush. But then I had to make Caleb laugh and feel better. So I snuck in the bathroom threw the tissues in the toilet, got some clean tissues, and rolled them up in a ball. Then I went sneaking around into the living room. Chris was already on his feet anticipating a threat and I threw those tissues on him and he freaked out! David, Caleb, and I laughed til we almost wet out pants. Don't be mad. Chris thinks it is funny later!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only my Son could say this....

JULIA: Mom Caleb is in his bedroom telling his friend a secret and won't let the girls in.
CALEB: yes m'am (guilt written all over his face)
MOM: Are you telling secrets?
CALEB: yes (embarrased and blushing)
MOM: What are you talking about that the girls can't hear?
CALEB: Hot (barely above a whisper)
MOM: ??? HOT??? What's HOT?
CALEB: Who's hot Moma? POISION IVY (on the Lego Batman Wii Game)
MOM: And why can't the girls hear that?
CALEB: because I should have said cute. Saying HOT is ugly to girls.
MOM: Yes it is Caleb, thank you for thinking of them and being kind to their hearts.
CALEB: I'm sorry Moma, I won't say Hot again.

At this point Caleb walks off, and I am left with three thoughts:
1. I hope he always protects their hearts...especially from boy talk!
2. That is not the last time he is gonna call a girl hot..he may not know that now, but I do.
3. I have got to hold it together...I am the Mother!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where we've been and what we've been doing!

Well, let's see, we went to Texas for two weeks, and came home for David to start school. He is going to the Christian school at our church. I made several things for the teachers up there with my cricut. I have to show you this one, as it turned out so cute.
It's the Magic Tree House..with Jack and Annie! Let me know if you want the file!

I might post some pictures later of our trip to Texas, but honestly. I am slightly swamped! We have our vacation coming up in 19 days, and Homework everynight, and the others still have their school work too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It will make you laugh!

You might be the Mom of boys if you find a gun in your sink while loading the dishwasher.

"I love you both this high" - Abigail snuggling with Chris and I in the bed this morning!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Getting permission to cross Skull Creek from the Skull
Enjoying the creek.

Yes, Abigail looks like she is going shopping not to the creek!

After our long day making the rock walls to line the creek's bridge, we set up our bonfire.

Stone steps down into the water.

Eating our Roasted Marshmallows

Riding the train at Sportsman's Lake

I think Uncle Nate taught him this, but I can't be sure?

Caleb lost his first tooth. He wanted Daddy Barron to be his fairy so he could get a dollar.

Cutting the back 40!

The little green snake we caught

Look how proud!

Look how surprised!
Chris sent us all letters telling us he missed us and to hurry home!

Fishing with Bro. Roger at his house. David caught 20 fish, Caleb -one, Abigail - 2, Julia- 1, and I caught - Bro. Roger (I promise it was an accident!)

The Scott Family
not pictured: Uncle Jonathan (Afghanistan), Elam Scott (Iraq), Jon Scott (Pennsylvania), and Auben Scott (Pennsylvania)

Wyatt and his friend Cody cleaning out the creek.

Lining up her shot..Or winking at the soldiers, I'm not sure!

I see Johnny reb..Do You?

Caleb acting out his favorite monument

Looking at monuments

At the museum looking at a cross section of a cannon ball.

Dad and one of the reinactors discussing cannons.

Some Civil War living history. Abigail and Julia were fascinated by the food.
Caleb loved it all!

A chaplains bedroll..David's favorite because they carried a bible!

Oil Painting of the battle at Point Park

The Alabama Monument

Cannon firing at Point Park atop Lookout Mountain.

Playing the drum.

Examining the soldiers supplies on their bedrolls.