Saturday, February 23, 2008


David has been playing Upwards Basketball for 8 weeks now. And he loves it. Today was their last game. And it was like all of sudden David had turned into this super-star. He was all over the court playing the best defense ever. He stole the ball from the other team, and passed the ball to his team mate who scored a point. Since this is Upwards and everyone encourages each other, other people were cheering for David. I do declare this was the best game. All the kids have really grown as players, and David has made some great new friends. We will miss not playing on Saturday. It will be fun to see how much David develops in this sport.


There is no picture for this, so just use your imagination. I observed this in my kitchen....
"There is a bug, a bug." Abigail squealing rather high pitched
"Caleb, Come here. There's a bug." Julia says very matter of fact
Caleb quickly makes his way to the kitchen. Leans in real close to the bug, and says, "I will a need a shoe, I will return it when I am finished."
Since he is on his knees, he looks back and forth to each girl, who has the bug surrounded. Julia holds her foot up. Caleb , now looking like the footman from Cinderella, gingerly lifts her shoe off of her foot. He leans down, smashes the bug, and returns the shoe to her foot. Abigail claps and grabs a paper towel. Caleb scoops up the bug stuff and puts it in the garbage. Now for those of you who don't have girls, you don't realize that Caleb has just given my daughters a gift. One day, in the far away future, they will be looking for a husband. And maybe, they will find a man who will come and rescue them from all the scary things in life. So today, Caleb was more than his usual bug-man, he was a PROTECTOR!

Friday, February 22, 2008

4 Hall Girls - 1

When we first met the Hall Family they only had 2 girls. They lived 2 doors down and were from SWEET HOME ALABAMA. After being in Seminary for a little bit, they added one more and shortly after that, another. As you can imagine they had to move to a bigger house. I have enjoyed watching this family grow and change. The oldest daughter is being home-schooled this year. So I get to see them more now. I also get to watch them if they have something come up. Today the middle child had to go to the doctor. So, I just had to get a cutie-pie picture!

Indiana Jones

I have aways said my boys would never play with sticks, or guns, or swords. And I have learned that I am not helping them become men by choosing that mindset. So over time, I have encouraged the use of swords, invented a "stranger" for my boys to have a common enemy to fight, I have taught gun safety using a cap gun, and last week I made a whip out of string, a kite stick, and masking tape (very MacGyver).
I did this so David could play
Indiana Jones "The greatest adventurer in the world, MOM".

You will notice the fedora in the pictures. This was the hat my Dad gave to my Grandfather. After my Grandfather passed away Dad gave the hat to David. David has taken really good care of this hat. And I think it will be really cool that in 10 years he will have had a million adventures in this hat. I thank God for such a wonderful Father, he is very intentional in his gifts and teachings.

I am so thrilled to have an almost 8 year old whose imagination is still wide open. He encourages everyone to play along with him. So much so that Julia was the bad girl in the backyard Tuesday, and was using little sti
to "bomb" Indiana Jones.
-Side Story-

Then she needed a break and came in and used the restroom. Where she decided to be like the guy on the commercial and see if she could flush her sticks. Fortunately, the sticks could be broken and flushed right down.
Dreaming of tomorrow!

Lego Days

Lately, the boys have been building a lot stuff with LEGO's. And since Chris let them watch Indiana Jones, and there are new Indiana Jones Legos, they have gone crazy. You can go online and vote for David's lego creations:

Just go to the gallery, and enter the user name Davidmay04 .
Then click on a picture and press the vote icon.
Caleb is not ready to post his on the Lego website until they are finished, and then he will name them.

Indiana Jones Museum by David 2/16/08

INDI by David May 2/14/08

Caleb Creation #1

Caleb Creation #2

Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been doing an online Bible Study in Proverbs. I have tried to capture in pictures the two verses that really stood out to me. To capture it, I used this garland of spools to symbolize wisdom. Because my grandmother had made these for us when we were little. And when I think about the word wisdom, I think of all the advice my grandparents have given me.

"Listen my sons, to your Father's instruction and do not forsake your Mother's teaching.
They will be a garland to grace your head

and a chain to adorn your neck." Proverbs 1:10-11

"Bind them upon your heart forever;

fasten them around your neck." Proverbs 6:21

I pray that Chris and I will be able to share wisdom with our children that will lead them upon the path that God has for them. And to do that, we too must remember these verses.


We were invited to Bill & Leighanne's to watch the Super Bowl.
The adults watched the game. The girls
had a tea party.

Julia adding cream to her tea.
Bethany stirring her tea.
Abigail filling her cup to the top.

The boys playing the game.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Helgren's have their Lauren!

After much paryer and waiting the highly anticiapted of the newest Helgren baby has occured!
Joy and Kendall who are serving as missionaries in Zambia are delighted to have a new
daughter. Mommy and baby are doing well.
I, on the other hand, miss being there. Amy and I were at the
hospital shortly after Easton was born. This time we
both felt lonely. Missing being with our friend during this exciting time
was really hard. Amy and I consoled each other over chocolate croissants. This was
the desssert we delivered to Joy the last time she had a baby. It is a priveledge to know a missionary. It is an honor to be friends with missionaries. It is so lonely to be on the other side
of the world, without our missionaries. But God is good, and he knows what we each need.
I treasure my times with Joy and Kendall. Our families became so close while they lived here. We will be forever sisters who meet in the spiritual world, and hopefully God will allow
us to see each other again this side of heaven.

Sweet & Sassy!

Amy and I took Abigail, Julia, and Molly to the "Salon" to ge their haircut. They loved getting glitter sprayed in their hair, walking the catwalk or "stage" as they called it, licking their lollipops, showing off the star on their cheek. I think Amy & I as well as Amy's mom Gayle, had a good time watching the girls take it all in. they just simply LOVED IT!

Valentine's Day Party

Since we homeschool, it is always nice to get together with friends and exchange valentine's. This year Grant and Molly came over and the kids had a good time giving them free Krispy Kreme doughnut Valentines. Then we went over to Ruth's house and had a party. We played Cupid bingo, ate cupcakes, and played outside. It was a fun afternoon. chris and I exchanged cards at dinner. Which he had stopped at Chipotle and picked up for us. It is just easier when you have the kids to utilize your babysitting for a night when you don't have to wait in line for a table! At bedtime, we called the kids to "circle-up" in the living room. We let them exchange their cards with each other and us. Then we helpd hands and prayed. Thanking God for a great family and wonderful siblings. It was really touching, and we all went to sleep happy and blessed!

Valentine's Bathroom

Y'all know I like to decorate for all the holidays. This time I copied an idea from an old Southern Living Magazine. They did Christmas, I am doing valentine's day, and maybe shamrocks for St. Patricks or Eggs for Easter. Paula asked for the picture and some of you just like to see how fun the May family is....


I know I haven't posted in a while. Between getting the new computer working and sick kids. I just haven't had the time. Please keep a look-out though, I will upload some new pictures soon. Hope you are all well at your house. I hope the illness is finally finished!

Friday, February 1, 2008

George Is Here!

Chris' father George is in town. He was in town for work, and is taking the weekend to visit and catch-up with us. I made this picture of the girls and George last night. there will be more picturesd to follow, but here is today's.

The Vera Bradley Bag

I had wanted a Vera Bradley bag for a long time. I had been given the chance to have one once, but decided to use my money ona better choice. Well, yesterday, Amy called and said that they were on sale. I didn't want to be tempted. I told her we just couldn't afford one. However, my brother was with me and he told Amy to buy it. That SWEET Nate! So here is a picture of my new bag. And for extra fun, I got the wallet to match. God is so good to give us all the desires of our hearts.