Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It will make you laugh!

You might be the Mom of boys if you find a gun in your sink while loading the dishwasher.

"I love you both this high" - Abigail snuggling with Chris and I in the bed this morning!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Getting permission to cross Skull Creek from the Skull
Enjoying the creek.

Yes, Abigail looks like she is going shopping not to the creek!

After our long day making the rock walls to line the creek's bridge, we set up our bonfire.

Stone steps down into the water.

Eating our Roasted Marshmallows

Riding the train at Sportsman's Lake

I think Uncle Nate taught him this, but I can't be sure?

Caleb lost his first tooth. He wanted Daddy Barron to be his fairy so he could get a dollar.

Cutting the back 40!

The little green snake we caught

Look how proud!

Look how surprised!
Chris sent us all letters telling us he missed us and to hurry home!

Fishing with Bro. Roger at his house. David caught 20 fish, Caleb -one, Abigail - 2, Julia- 1, and I caught - Bro. Roger (I promise it was an accident!)

The Scott Family
not pictured: Uncle Jonathan (Afghanistan), Elam Scott (Iraq), Jon Scott (Pennsylvania), and Auben Scott (Pennsylvania)

Wyatt and his friend Cody cleaning out the creek.

Lining up her shot..Or winking at the soldiers, I'm not sure!

I see Johnny reb..Do You?

Caleb acting out his favorite monument

Looking at monuments

At the museum looking at a cross section of a cannon ball.

Dad and one of the reinactors discussing cannons.

Some Civil War living history. Abigail and Julia were fascinated by the food.
Caleb loved it all!

A chaplains bedroll..David's favorite because they carried a bible!

Oil Painting of the battle at Point Park

The Alabama Monument

Cannon firing at Point Park atop Lookout Mountain.

Playing the drum.

Examining the soldiers supplies on their bedrolls.