Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Days

We are getting ready fro the big party, and all our company. Today we are looking forward to having all our projects complete. Mom and Dad come tonight. the girls are so excited!! They miss having Mom and Dad so close. Then our SURPRISE visitors from Fort Worth....OOOHHH The excitement is building!!!

Our Cadence video is complete, and we hope to have it posted on here soon. I have to go to the church to do, it is such a large file my internet keeps logging out! But it looks great and it is very professional and polished.

The boys have been visiting over at the church's private school, Veritas. We are planning to put the kids at Veritas in the fall. It is a good school, and it will give me a much needed rest, and a time to concentrate on our fund raising. We are ready to get on the mission field. Our newsletters will be going in the mail soon. And we are hoping to visit and speak at churches this summer. So, if you are intrested in us coming to speak at your church, your home, or know someone who would like to hear our story, let me know!!

So that is the big excitement for this week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

For you Nate!!

My brother loves this blog. And is one of my faithful readers. He has been concerned that we have been sick for a month. But I assure you we are not sick. We are well. In fact, we are preparing for the Girls 5th birthday!! Uncle Nate is flying in tomorrow, George (Chris' Dad) will be in on Thursday, Grandma Jan and Daddy Barron arrive Thursday night, and my Best Friend Amy and her family secretly arrive on Saturday! It is a lot of company, but lots of fun!!

Please pray for my dear friend, Joy. Her Grandfather passed away today. Joy and her family are serving as missionaries in Zambia, Africa. She probably won't be able to come home for the funeral. Pray for peace for my dear friend! I really love this dear friend and her family, I appreciate your prayers.