Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chris has been SUPER busy.

Chris has been SUPER busy. He is placing calls to all our contacts, and lining up our summer trip. Some of you have even shared names of your friends to add to our list. We got our tent, and it is big enough for all of us and our stuff. Wonderful! We are getting more and more excited, and have started getting stuff together for our BIG yard sale. We are looking forward to enjoying our last 10 weeks here in Alabama. So I plan to spend my days packing, and enjoying my family! WE are getting more and more excited to go. Chris is writing our newsletter tonight. I will give him the pictures tomorrow and off it goes to printing. So look for it in the mail soon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plans, Plans, & more Crazy Plans!!!

We are making plans! We have rearranged our house, to make rooms for the plans. We have converted our den into the packing and yard sale area. Our bedroom now has a section for the summer trip. Chris has been busy making phone calls and writing letters to meet with both people in town and the people we plan to visit this summer. I have been busy mailing packages, making our lists of stuff we need, ordering Cadence polos, homeschooling, researching camp grounds, and trying to follow any and all leads of people who want to know about Cadence. God is really exciting us. I just can't help it. Knowing that we are heading into the next step is not scary but so thrilling! To be exactly where God wants us to be is Thrilling. I want to just shout out my excitement.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Fund Raising Trip

So the first of June we are leaving on a good summer adventure. We plan to visit a lot of states, meet lots of people, and share our ministry to as many people as possible.


Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth, Texas
South Texas

We then are going to try and schedule another trip for September that will be the East coast:
South Carolina
North Carolina

If you know of anybody or a church that would love to hear about our ministry,or if you would like us to come by and visit you, please let us know. We are working hard to get to our Hospitality House by Christmas!!