Monday, November 15, 2010


We have our assignment:

We are so happy. We will be taking over the ministry from a wonderful couple who have spent more than 16 years doing house ministry. For the last 10 years they have been doing the ministry in this house. It has two sections: The front half is ministry based, and the back half is the private residence. The house sits on more than 17 acres. There is a basketball court, above ground pool, a volleyball area, a huge front porch and room for our kids (and plenty others) to roam. In the last two weeks we have gotten to experience ministry, feel the love and heartbeat of our military, and we have a better understanding of our chaplains. We are so ready to be here. As soon as we raise the rest of our support we will be back to get to work!!

Outside of our new ministry!

Serving Food in the Big Room

More of the Big Room

The front of the house

From the back of the property