Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where we are

Sorry all, We are in Fort Worth getting ready to transition to a "almost there" stage. Chris has been meeting people and doing lots of lunches to share the news of our mission. I have been finishing the kids school year (even though they will do some summer work), and helping our friends here with various projects. One of the families that hosts us a lot and has been on this journey with us from the beginning, is in a situation of their own. Mr. Steve and Mrs Gayle are wonderful Christians who truly love the Lord. Well, Mr. Steve went to work one day and came home having Chest pains at a level of 12. He has been hospitalized for almost 2 weeks and still no diagnosis. So in the meantime, I have been keeping their daughter Amy's Children. It just so happens that Amy is my Best friend, and our kids have grown up together. All the same, it has been hard to watch our friend suffering and yet it has been rewarding to watch Steve and his relationship with God. Please continue to pray for this family. We all could use your prayers.

Next week, we head Down to Fort Hood, TX to start our transition period. The family there will be transitioning out slowly and we will be working with them until we have the last of our money raised. We are excited to be this close to going on the mission field. If you have not gotten your latest newsletter, let us know and we will mail you one.

Blessings to each of you.