Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our New Family Member - Sam

David got a puppet so that he can be a part of the puppet ministry at church. This is the activity that is going on during the summer while RA's is out. He has really enjoyed it. So last night, I bought him SAM. Below are the pictures of Sam in his first day at the May house.

David and Sam

Sam practicing his song

Sam playing video games


I took the kids to 7-11 for free birthday slurpee's.

My Good Deals

Okay, I joined and have been stockpiling on items on sale. I wanted to show you how proud I was of this weeks deals.

If you too check out this website an think it is a good deal, put in my e-mail and I will earn a free week!
SCHOOL SUPPLIES - crayons .20 each, pencils .01 each,
pencil boxes .01 each, glue sticks .20 each, pencil sharpeners .01 each,
spiral notebooks .10 each, composition books .50 each. and
liquid glue .09 each

TOILETRIES - pantene shampoo & conditioner .33 each
crest toothpaste .24 each, oral-b toothbrushes .24 each

CEREAL - GENERAL MILLS $1 each...bought 14 boxes

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mom doesn't feel so good....

I have been feeling under the weather and I mean that literally. After going to the Doctor on Tuesday, it seems I have a bad case of Barometric pressure problems. Basically, I have a cold due to the amount of rain we have been getting everyday. So Chris took the day off today to let me sleep and rest. I got to sleep in until 10:30!!! While I was sleeping I could hear the kids playing and Chris making sweet tea. But when I got out of the bed, it was dead silent. I looked outside and the car was gone. A little while later, they all came home saying they had me a get better soon present...a Raspberry Mocha Frappacino! Chris even got the kids one to share (a real treat for them).

It is days like today that I realize what a wonderful husband I have. Someone who not only cares about our children, but my well-being too. I am constantly made aware that God has given me a true gift in Chris. How many wives do you know are married to a good-looking man, who honors God, cherishes his wife, and adores their children? I have a husband who doesn't bat an eye at working full-time and going to school full-time so that I may stay home with our children. It is an honor for me to serve beside him in ministry and in life, In sickness and health!


We had a nice relaxing day today. We went out to Mom and Dad's and just rested. The kids played, Dad cut the grass, and Mom and I played dominoes. On the way to pick up Chris from work (yes, Lifeway was open, and did as much in sales as they do during their busiest days), we bought fireworks. I only spent $15 on fireworks, thinking that way they would last a while. I knew that our new neighbors the Harrison's probably hadn't had time to finish unpacking to do fireworks, so we called them over. Then our other neighbor's drove by and we told them to come down and do fireworks with us too. So in a matter of 10 minutes, we had a little party! It was fun to watch Chris shoot the tanks and the little sparkling balls. I really thought we would burn those fireworks in about 20 minutes, but after one and a half hours, we called it a night. We saved the rest of them for our 5th of July party! See you tonight!

Gathered around the porch: My neighbor and friend is making pictures, I am lighting sparklers, Ruth is passing out the sparklers, One of the Dads has gone home to fix his kids bath water, Chris and Matt are helping the little ones, and the kids are having a blast!

The Kids!

Mom And David getting ready

The girls saying "Bippity - Boppity - Bo" like the Fairy Godmother!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday before the 4th of July.

I know the title is not that catchy, but it is what it is. I had to make a picture of Amy, Grant, and Molly with us. We all looked so cute in our patriotic outfits. Thought you all might enjoy seeing them. Unfortunately, Amy and I just blend into the wall, but we know y'all really wanted to see the kids. And believe me this is the best of the 10 pictures.

Here is my new tool

For Mother's Day my Mom got me a mill and a Bosch machine. I can now grind my own wheat and make 5 loaves of bread at a time in the Bosch. I use this thing all the time. I make whole wheat bread, pizza dough, cinnamon bread, blueberry bread, clover leaf dinner rolls, and I might try pretzels soon! I just wanted to show you another of the Lord's blessings. And I also had to put this on here for my two friends Sylvia and Stephanie who have been praying for me to get one of these.