Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only my Son could say this....

JULIA: Mom Caleb is in his bedroom telling his friend a secret and won't let the girls in.
CALEB: yes m'am (guilt written all over his face)
MOM: Are you telling secrets?
CALEB: yes (embarrased and blushing)
MOM: What are you talking about that the girls can't hear?
CALEB: Hot (barely above a whisper)
MOM: ??? HOT??? What's HOT?
CALEB: Who's hot Moma? POISION IVY (on the Lego Batman Wii Game)
MOM: And why can't the girls hear that?
CALEB: because I should have said cute. Saying HOT is ugly to girls.
MOM: Yes it is Caleb, thank you for thinking of them and being kind to their hearts.
CALEB: I'm sorry Moma, I won't say Hot again.

At this point Caleb walks off, and I am left with three thoughts:
1. I hope he always protects their hearts...especially from boy talk!
2. That is not the last time he is gonna call a girl hot..he may not know that now, but I do.
3. I have got to hold it together...I am the Mother!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where we've been and what we've been doing!

Well, let's see, we went to Texas for two weeks, and came home for David to start school. He is going to the Christian school at our church. I made several things for the teachers up there with my cricut. I have to show you this one, as it turned out so cute.
It's the Magic Tree House..with Jack and Annie! Let me know if you want the file!

I might post some pictures later of our trip to Texas, but honestly. I am slightly swamped! We have our vacation coming up in 19 days, and Homework everynight, and the others still have their school work too!