Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cadence Kids

If any of you want to see some of the Cadence Kids pictures or read more about the ministry of our fellow missionaries that I mentioned in the blog below, please read:

Where oh where has the time gone?

I know you probably thought we got sun-stroke and haven't been able to update you all on our going-on's. Well, we have had 9 groups here working on the SHH. It is coming along quite wonderfully. The parsonage part is complete. There are a few minor things to do, and a few things that will need to be accomplished in time. In between, we have gotten to host various youth groups as they worked on post leading and helping with VBS through the Cadence Children's Minsters, Kenny & Joy Lowe. In the evening they have helped us here at the house with cleaning, painting, organizing, cleaning, painting, repairs, projects, etc. We have been blessed to have gotten to spend time with this next generation of young people. Our future looks good with these guys coming up. And we have really enjoyed getting to know Kenny & Joy better. They are not only becoming fast friends of ours, but we can see how our ministries will overlap one another and help grow the Kingdom. Exciting is all I can say. The parsonage side of the house is ready for us to move in, we just haven't been released yet. We still need about $1,500 more a month. Some of our folks have committed and haven't given yet, so we are praying for God's timing on all of this. We are not worried. He has led us to this point, and I know He has plan, He promised it.
I have also gotten to learn some valuable lessons. I have learned more about listening. Sometimes, my mind takes a little longer to process what people are saying so I have to concentrate on keeping my mouth shut. I am also trying to learn the balance of grace when I get overwhelmed. A hard skill, so any tips can be left in the comment section. I am now proficient in installing a toilet. My Daddy taught me good.
My Mom has been here during some of this time to help. I really wanted her to be here to help with the kids. I knew our attention would be needed and that there were going to be things that only Chris and I could answer. I didn't want my kids to feel neglected. Instead, Grandmama Jan came and spoiled them. It has been great. Mom has even kept up the laundry and dishes. I don't know how we could have done these weeks without her. Thanks Mom!
We now can catch our breath, relax a little and look to the next step. We'd love to hear from you! Love you all.