Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Box 100

WOO HOOO!!! We boxed box 100. We actually got up to box 104! I am very happy, because when the mover came to give us a quote he said 100 boxes and he meant same size moving boxes. So I am so happy that we are close to that number. I think we can have it finished by box 140. We got some papers from Cadence, tests and all. We are going to get that finished next week as Chris doesn't have to physically attend any classes. Please pray that he makes it through the next few days. He has some finals to take, a paper to write, Cadence stuff, moving stuff, a house to pack, and good-byes. I have tried to ease his burdens and take things off his plate. So please continue to pray that all will go smoothly.

Keep watch here for: David's birthday (May 3rd), box room pictures, and our going away party pics from church.

Chris is currently using the new computer, so I cant do anything with pictures until he finishes school. I am happy to be able to get some stuff done on here though.

Take Care,

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Teresa said...

oh, I just noticed I'm a link on your blog : ). I well remember the goodbyes. They weren't fun. But the looking ahead to new things was fun and I am so grateful to know that I am where God wants me to be. Even though I still miss Texas sometimes.