Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tales from Daddy Barron

Today, Mom, Dad,Myself, and the kids were sitting in Wendy's. Dad started telling us some funny stories. I had to post a couple to make you laugh along.

Daddy Barron shot a BB out his parents car window

Daddy Barron hit his sister (little Sandy) on the back of the head with a play gun while they were playing cowboys. He was disappointed she didn't pass out.

Daddy Barron got spankings!!! UNBELIEVABLE

Daddy Barron was scared of a goat. Again, UNBELIEVABLE!!

Daddy Barron shot the neighbors pig with a gun.

Daddy Barron shot a blue jay and a robin. And didn't eat either! And felt really bad about it later.

We really got to get him going again sometime, Mom and I were rolling with laughter, and I think David thought he was making it all up!

I think it is funny, that we never heard some of these tales until Daddy Barron had time to retire and think of his Sweet Home(Cullman) Alabama! I can't wait to hear what he thinks of next.

Little note from Julia:

Daddy Barron: "I can't believe we ordered all these
Frosty's, what a mess."

Julia: "That is why we have these napkins."

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