Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The invite

We recieved our phone call from Rick telling us we were being invited to Cadence candidcy training. Now that phone call was great. However, getting to hold those slick white pages that came in the mail were really nice. So here is what it said:

"Dear Chris & Elizabeth,

I want to formally invite you to attend Candidacy and New Missionary Training - Phase 1, from June 15th - June 27th. We are very excited as we anticipate this time together, and we are trusting in the Lord to enable us all though this process to understand His direction in your life and of the mission more fully."

It went on to give us the break down in our travel details, Event costs, Housing and Meals, and Missionary Care Services.

Please join us in praying for people and churches who will partner with us in this ministry.


Peas on Earth said...

Please make sure we're on your mailing list! :-)

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