Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How GREAT is Our GOD!

Our God is an AWESOME God!

When Chris and I felt God calling us to become faith-based missionaries, we totally trusted God. We have always trusted God and have tried to live in obedience. But this time it was different. It was like being on the edge of the cliff and God asking us to jump. This time, we really haven't had to think. We have trusted BELIEVING God was using us to go into this ministry. And so we have felted wrapped in a cocoon of peace. And my logical mind says "this doesn't make sense". But my heart is jumping up and down proclaiming God's truths. My God is a faithful God!

I have said for the last few months that I believed God wanted us to have a free house in Phenix City to live in while we were in transition between seminary life and missionary life. And tonight, we found out that a church in Alabama has agreed to let us stay in their missionary house for FREE. We will get to pay the utilities, and there is room for all of us! Now tell me isn't God wonderful!!!!!

So tonight when I told Caleb, Abigail, and Julia. The girls started singing "How Great is our God..sing with me...How great is our God and ALL will see how great, how great is our God."

And we all started praising God thanking him for our new house. I was soo moved, because this was exactly what God was teaching not only my family but prayerfully all the people who will walk through our doors. Our God is great!


The Hall's said...

Elleigh told me your news! GOD IS GREAT! We are happy for you guys.
Ell enjoyed last night!


Peas on Earth said...

God rocks!! Thank you for being a continued encouragement to me! :-)