Monday, April 7, 2008

The Zoo Trip

Mom and Dad took us to the zoo this weekend. Before we went, I asked each child which animal they would like to see and have their picture made with. So we hope you enjoy!

Can you guess what Julia wanted to have her picture made with?

A Sleeping Snake

David wanted his picture with his favorite college mascot....

The Tiger!

Now, this was an otter who once he spotted Caleb kept swimming right up to the tank and scaring us. Caleb thought this made him really special. And we all laughed because the otter continued to see Caleb, even if he moved.

Caleb with his favorite animal


A co-worker of moms gave the girls a bag of hand me down clothes. In the bottom of the bag was a stuffed giraffe'. Abigail instantly adopted her and giraffe' has become her critter. So when we heard there was a new baby at the zoo, we knew she would love it. Dad said hearing her response to seeing that giraffe for the first time was priceless.

The New Baby!

We all had a good time, and we did feel very tired and sore. At bedtime, we thanked God for so many beautiful creatures. It was wonderful to know he created each one!! The kids did talk about the wild weather show. This is the indoor theater, that describes Texas wildlife for kids. And it has rain and thunder and lightning. The kids have talked about this all morning, discussing what scared them and what made them happy.

Abigail's funny story this morning between her and David.
"Abigail, when you grow-up you can work at the zoo and take care of the giraffe's"
"Oh. OK. Until I have the baby that will grow in my belly named Arial."

You just never know what you will overhear!

A special thanks to Hudson Family for the use of the Awesome zoom lens.


The Hall's said...

Cute story!

I can't imagine why David's favorite mascot would be a tiger??? ROLL TIDE!

Helgrenfam said...

HOW PRECIOUS IS THIS POST!!! Maybe Abigail can come see us a feed a real giraffe!!! Love the pics Elizabeth they are priceless and you my friend are a rockstar with that camera!!!

Teresa said...

I'm just jealous that it was warm enough in Texas to go to the zoo. We're still facing 40 degree weather and the possibility of snow this weekend!