Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Questions

Here are some of the questions the kids asked about the song.

1. Is Uncle Brian carrying a burden?

2. What is a brothel?

3. I like the story of Moses

4. Who are the saints?

5. And where are they marching to?

6. What is the Underground Railroad?

7. Didn't Abraham Lincoln free the slaves?

8. What was the guys name in the movie about that? a. Jim Elliot the missionary, End of the Spear the movie

This was a very tear-filled conversation as I talked about how all Christians feel like there are battles left unfought. And then I talked about God's faithfulness to us. And how even when we don't understand everything that goes on in this fallen world, we have to trust God. And we can become encouraged by thinking on the stories of the faithful ones who have gone before us. We talked a little bit about soldiers and how they lay down their lives for our freedom. It was a really sweet time. I felt like I didn't water-down the words of the song, but spoke about only the ones that they could connect with. I was impressed with David's insight about Brian and his living on dialysis. We prayed that uncle Brian would be able to be a light for others, and that God would use his life as a testimony.

May you feel blessed today and may you find a new way to be encouraged in this crazy, but absolutely beautiful world we live in.

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The Suels said...

What song are you speaking of? Love your heart, friend.