Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our First Friend Slumber Party

Since our time is ticking away here in Texas, It was time to have
our friends over for a sleep-over. The girls slept in the clubhouse. Which is the room filled with boxes that has a little nook in it. They were pretending to sleep in the above picture. The two little boys slept in the pirate ship. Which is the bottom bunk with a blanket on the side. The oldest boy, stayed up with his Dad and played a computer game, and was allowed to sleep on the couch. This was a BIG DEAL night for everyone. All the kids slept through the night. And breakfast was when all the parents had the time to sit around together and visit. A cherished time with our friends before we go. We are so blessed. I don't say that lightly. We will all fill the sadness of leaving them, in a different way. So, we are going to give each other a lot of grace!

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Helgrenfam said...

I hope that the slumber party included some snow, scrapbooking, and some fun games!! I miss our slumber party! TOO FUN!!! LOVE YOU!