Monday, April 21, 2008


Can I say it was some kind of Birthday!! It felt more like Christmas in April!

The morning started with the kids and Chris singing Happy Birthday to me. This followed by a gift of a Vera Bradley key chain on my front porch. Then I spent the morning cleaning the house. Shortly, after lunch, Rhonda stopped by for a visit and we had a nice time. Then Chris came home from school. Followed by Amy and Mama Gayle. Chris and the kids brought out my favorite, cookie cake. And a BIG present...a new vacuum! We ate cake and visited some more. Rhonda went home, and Jeremy cam by with the kids. While the kids visited I opened more presents... a Starbucks gift card, new clear chunky necklace, Proverbs 31 necklace, Vera Bradley Spring bag. I mean this was good! Grandmother and Granddaddy sent birthday money by mail. Then Ruth stopped by and brought another gift...a relaxation gift, shower gel and lotion. Jamie called, and couldn't come down. Michael and Rachel came by to visit. It won't be long before their baby girl is here. Stephanie called from PC to wish me a Happy Birthday! Ruth went home, Gayle left, Amy and Jeremy went home, Tonya and Jason stopped by. Jason and Chris went to get me my favorite food...Chipotle! Then Jason and Tonya went home. Nate came over. We sat and watched Little People, Big World. Then Nate went home. Now I am sitting here watching TV and posting the blog. I am one BLESSED girl! Did I mention Mom and Dad took us out for dinner last night to celebrate mine and Chris' birthday. We ate at Babe's Chicken House. I had to wear a chicken hat while they sang to me. Mom and Dad had given my gift early...a cuddlebug, a new scrapbook toy! This one one really special day. I kissed my honey and told him thanks for a fun time. And the kids got some extra loving tonight too. What a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!!


The Hall's said...

Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like a good one! I saw your comment and yes I would be glad to do that. Just let me know when is a good time for y'all. It will have to be a time when Aaron can watch the girls but other than that I am free. Call Elleigh anytime to come help you. She really loves it!

Teresa said...

Happy Birtday! What a fun day. I personally love my birthday. I keep a countdown on my cell phone (74 days in case you were dying to know!)

Helgrenfam said...

I am so glad so many people showered you with love on your birthday! I just got the email that your gift is being shipped to your mama TODAY!!
Love you!!