Thursday, May 8, 2008

Indiana May turns 8!

Junior getting his first clue from Dr Jones.

Making mummies to get clue 2

It was so cold, the girls watchedfrom the window. can you see Grandma Jan?

Mummy Caleb

Defeating the Crocs to get the next clue

Finding the last clue.

Finding the cargo crate in the old family castle.

Enjoying Cookie cake with a full house of friends.Loving the Indi hat and whip on the cake

Getting the gift he has been asking for a whole year...the Nintendo DS.

Can you believe our baby boy has turned 8? I know we sure can't. He had a wonderful party and was thrilled to have spent the day with friends and family.
We went on a great Indiana Jones Adventure. Looking for the missing cargo crate. Dr. Jones left his son a note, and Indiana and his friends had to get the crate back. The boys had a great time chasing down the clues all through the house and yard. The boys really enjoyed the birthday party, and are still talking about it. David got really sweet gifts and everyone was so thoughtful in their giving. He was so delighted. I have a dozen pictures of huge smiles!

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