Saturday, April 12, 2008

Making Progress

We have been steadily working on packing our home. I know what I want to have happen and I know what IS happening. however, my sweet friend Jamie came over on Friday. While the kids enjoyed the playing time together, Jamie and I got to work. She and I packed about 20 something boxes. I was really happy, because the one thing I was most concerned about packing my china. I know this is replaceable, but I just think it is the prettiest. I love to eat on it. I love that i registered for it, and so many people were so sweet to get it for Chris and I. So to get this all wrapped up in tons of bubble wrap made me happy! I think Jamie and I getting so many boxes packed really helped get me going. Chris and I worked this morning before he went to work, and then my mom came over and helped me some more. I hope to get at least 10 more boxes packed tomorrow. I am trying to have as much packed before our last week here. I really want to be able to enjoy telling our friends and family good-bye.

My Grandmother, Aunt Judy & Uncle Charles went over to our new house today. It is WONDERFUL!! Plenty of space and room for the kids to play. God is so good! I will post some pictures at a later date. I have to keep the suspense building.

Take care, enjoy the Lord's Day!!


Paula said...

I just left a comment for you on my blog, but after reading this post, I'm not sure sewing skirts are very high on your to-do list.:) Good luck on your packing. I'll be praying for you as you pack and say goodbye.

Helgrenfam said...

OH friend! I wish that I could be there to repay ALL the hours that you spent with us while packing..remember that late night with a vaccum and many of those shrink bags?? YOU ROCK!I love you and am so glad you are peaceful and obedient! I LOVE YOU! Tell Jamie that she is an angel because she is doing what I wish I could be doing...loving on you!

Peas on Earth said...

Ahhh ... the china. What in the world will I do with that when I go overseas??? :-)