Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Provision

The Lord is ALWAYS faithful. I am writing this, so that you can know of His Faithfulness. Since Sunday was Chris' last day, we are now on a limited income. He is maintaining his part-time job as After-school teacher. So, we have understood that it isn't "realistic", "smart", or "make any-sense". But we know that God has told us to obey. And to tell you of His Goodness, I will tell you that through our Tax refund God is providing for us for Several Months. This is no coincidence that this happened the day after we were obedient to the end of that task. No matter how scary, we have gone out on the limb, and we are tasting the fruit!! Keep posted for more of goodness to come in the coming days!


Paula said...

What wonderful, scary, faith-filled news... we will be praying with you!
Looking forward to hearing the story next summer, Paula

Christy J said...

This is awesome! It makes me think of the words to a great praise song, "Forever God is faithful-Forever God is true-Forever God is with us-FOREVER!!!" Thank you for sharing this great testimony!