Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 1

So I had prepared my self last night by reading from the Bible in different locations where people had fasted...Esther, Elijah, Jesus. So when I got up this morning I focused on Jesus. I wasn't hungry. So I sat down to read some scripture that my girlfriends Tonya & Amy had agreed to read with me. We are trying to read every recorded detail of the life of Christ from His baptism by John the Baptist till his resurrection. From all 4 gospels! It helped to have that in my mind all day. By lunch, Chris still had not guessed what I had given up, but when I didn't eat dinner, he figured out I was giving up food. So I am going to try my best to not eat for 7 days. I hope I do not fail, I am very aware that I might. My goal today was to break today into 3 parts breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner, dinner to bedtime. While Chris and the kids were eating dinner it kinda got to me, but don't you know I checked my mail, and my friend Tonya was praying for me to have strength. Good timing? Thank you Lord for using her! Cause I really wanted something. Anything would have been good. I would have eaten a rice cake! But the feeling has passed and I am pressing on.

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Danell said...

You're doing so great!