Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day Four

Last night went great. I really haven't been tempted by too much other than for the entire time, I have had this nice fresh loaf of Italian Bread from Publix sitting on the counter. Last night it looked really good. But I wasn't even hungry.

So I am learning some very interesting things about my eating style. First, I learned that I do not eat enough throughout the day. I usually only eat dinner and sometimes a late night snack. So I am going to be changing that up! I also learned that I eat food because a) it looks good b) it tastes good c) I am bored. Now that last one seemed weird to me, but I learned that because I am not eating right throughout the day, I am setting myself up to fail.

What I am learning spiritually, I am loving looking at the gospels paralleled. It is so interesting to see the differences from each disciples pen. I love how even though there are differences the heart of the message is the same. I feel like that is just like us. We are all different from each other, but yet God still gets to the heart of His message.And how he uses those subtle differences to reach each one of us, and in turn uses that to reach others for him. That's some good stuff as Bro. Roger would say!

So pressing on through Day Four! Just a few more to go!!

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