Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Six

I can hardly believe it has been this many days. I do know this, It wasn't this huge scary thing I always thought it was. I didn't die, I didn't sit in wallow in the loss of food, I didn't chew gum (thought about it), I didn't tear my sackcloth and throw ashes on myself and say "why I have done this horrible thing to myself". I kind of thought I might have those feelings. But it was not any of those things, It was something simple, and yet big. And I learned a lot about God too. He is so Simple and yet so Big. He loves me regardless, and has forgiven me of my sins. You see how simple that is yet still so Big. He spoke the universe it to being. Speaking is so simple, and yet his words "Let their be light" were so big. I could go on and on.

Right now, we are making preparations for a two month road trip to speak at churches and with individuals about Cadence. I am going to post our calendar on here soon. This excites me that we are at this point in our partnership development. And while I have been fasting I have been praying for the locations, and the people we will meet a long the way. That God will use us. That He will go before us in all we do.

I have also prayed for a dozen individuals. For some I prayed for divine healing, for other's courage, for some strength to continue on their fast, for other's their salvation. It has been a good time. I think sometimes we go overwhelmed by the everyday demands: breakfast, clean-up, chores, lunch, clean-up, home school, homework, chores, dinner, clean-up, baths, family time, bed time, prep for the next day, church obligations, couple time, etc. that we can not find the time to sit and be quiet. I have been amazed at learning that I have little time throughout the day, 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, and now I am gonna keep using it. I am going to keep up this prayer time and really delight in talking to God as I go. Like I said before I thought I already was doing this, but it's like the cobwebs have been cleared from my mind. And I can focus better.

I was reading about Jesus talking about the Sabbath today and how it was created for man and not God. I am really pondering that. I got a book for my birthday about honoring the sabbath, and what that looks like for today's family. So I plan to be pondering this for a little longer. Do you have any thoughts or ideas to share to this??

Praying for you!

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