Tuesday, February 16, 2010

40 days of Lent

Well, It is officially midnight. I am starting my first night of Lent tonight. I can not tell you yet what I am giving up. Chris doesn't know yet. He is going to try and guess by observing me. Just trying to have a little fun. But I can tell you it is a fast, and I am nervous. I did a food fast a few weeks ago and went without foods from sunset to sunset. It was good. I am hoping to gain two things from fasting during this lent season. First, I want to be able to know more about my Savior, and worship him differently than I did last year. Second, I want to have a time of understanding sacrifice. I think there is more on my heart that will come out in the next few days. I have two friends that are reading through the Bible with me and praying with me. I am also praying for them as they go into the Lenten season. I will somewhat attempt to journal my thoughts on here. We will see how it goes!

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