Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I love being with my Fort Worth Church & Friends.

You know I don't have to have a membership at a church to call it "My" Church. Any Church that has my brothers and sisters in it is my church! So last night when I got to see all my friends from Wedgwood Baptist Church, MOPs, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, I was so encouraged. These special groups, all have one thing in common, They are all aware of living with Kingdom Vision. So it was great to have people be soooo excited about our ministry, and just as excited to want to know where we are going. Not one of them thought we were crazy. In fact, they were so thrilled to have been a part of what we are doing by praying for us, and keeping up with us on Facebook and our blog. It was just a whole bunch of HAPPY for the entire night! I loved being able to bounce around some ideas with them. My prayer is that all Christians will have friends to help them on their walk. Won't heaven be great when we all get to be together all the time. I love you girls..and guys!

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