Friday, February 19, 2010

Day Three

It is one in the afternoon, and I feel great. I just weighed myself on the Wii and I have lost 8 pounds. So that is really encouraging. Even though I am not doing this to lose weight, I knew it would happen, and I gladly accepted it! I have prayed on & off for different people throughout the day. I just seem to be living in a state of prayer. I use to think so, but it is like my eyes have been open. I have been praying for girlfriends today as they travel on this journey with me. I have also been praying about what I should do at the end of my 7 days. Should I just do juice, should I go back to food, but make it fruits and veggies, should I just go to some leaner choices...So I am praying and seeking the Lord. You can pray with me about that. Some of you are leaving comments on here, and others on my Facebook. Know that I am returning that with prayers for you. The girls and I are having a GIRLS NIGHT OUT since Chris and the boys have a lock in. We will be scrapbooking and watching movies. This is usually when I snack. So I am going to be on my guard. Fortunately, the girls wanted some sweet tart gummy bunnies for their girl time, and not chocolate! Since it is not in the house, and I don't have a car, shouldn't be an issue!! I will confess that the closer it got to bedtime last night, the more my body wanted food, I held in there and feel so good this morning! My muscles do feel like they have been to the gym. I am adding more water today. I don't want to get dehydrated! Thanks for all your love and support. See ya tomorrow!

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