Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Seven - I did It!

Well, it is finished! I survived, I thrived, I truly did enjoy this experience. It was so good for me. I would really recommend you fast. It has changed so many things I thought I knew about myself and along the way, I got to have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Picture Jesus coming down to the shore, calling you in from your boat, and fixing you break-fast. And having a meal together. This is what tonight was like. I sat and ate and enjoyed. I wasn't hungry. I ate because I knew I needed to.

For those who are curious my final weigh in for 7 days, was that I lost 14 1/2 pounds. Still am not sure where, but I know it was good.

My parting words...Pray, Seek the Lord, Fast!

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Teresa said...

Praise the Lord for your time with Him and the deeper relationship you have gained. :)