Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fort Worth- Hudson House

This week we are staying with our dearest friends the Hudson's. Already we have had Wing Stop, stayed up late talking, listened to the children lay in their beds and giggle til they fell asleep, had a birthday party, planned a MOPS event, scheduled lunch dates, hugged my (newly skinny) brother, attended our other home church, and eaten Chipotle, and taken a long nap.

It is a joy to be together with the other side of our family. I love to see our children playing together, working through conflict together, and encouraging each other. This morning Grant took his first communion since becoming a Christian. It would have been special had we not been here, but it was very nice to be here. We are forever connected to these children. Our children have shared have more birthdays together than apart. We have prayed over these children and their friendships, their spouses, and their future children.

I pray that you have good friends who love you and your children. Even through all those little crazy quirks you have!!

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