Friday, July 9, 2010


We are really having fun in Iowa. We have had some late night game fun with our friends Michael & Rachael. They will be leaving in 3 weeks to go to Brazil. They will be teaching school to missionary kids. We are so happy for them. You can follow along with them in their journey at

While here we have been staying in Rachael's parents hunting cabin. It is peaceful and restful. We have seen so many deer and groundhogs. Yesterday we saw a mother and her fawn. The fawn was so young it was still suckling and it kept falling down when it walked. It was really neat to see this little part of the world we never get to see. this was our little miracle for the day. Isn't God's creation just AMAZING.

We leave for Missouri tomorrow. We will be speaking at First Baptist Church Maysville on Sunday if you want to come hear Chris.

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