Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Should Hear MY Voice The Loudest

I am going to try and paint a picture of what happened yesterday. We were in a Christian book outlet. The kids were in the childrens section watching the new Veggie-Tale. I was looking at children's Bibles. Abigail has been wanting a Bible she can read from. I found one she can get in a few years. So, I called her name several times. Each time I walked closer to her and said her name a little louder. Chris ccalled her name and told her that I needed her. When she came over she said "Sorry Mom, I didn't hear you call my name." And I actually said this back "You should hear my name the loudest." And as the words were escaping my mouth, they penetrated mmy heart. O Lord, when have I been so focused on other things that I have not listened to your voice? Please forgive my child-like ways. Amen.

What lesson is God teaching you?

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