Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camping- The Dirty Truth

Camping can be fun. It can be interesting, it can build character in grown adults. It can push you to the edge of tears. Why you might ask? oh let's see:
1. Your tent is larger than the site you reserved.
2. The area around the campground is all rocks.
3. It rains..again.
4. The shower does not have a toilet, sink, or mirror.
5. The bathroom doesn't flush..it's a pit toilet. You can imagine.
6. The flush toilet that is far away, does not have a sink, mirror, or power.
7. We will look like Alabama hill billies when we go out.
8. the Air Mattress gets a hole..again!
9. We will try to remember Jesus didn't curl his bangs, or always have clean toes.
10. The adults will learn patience.
11. Maybe, just maybe, the kids will see their parents and know we didn't get all of this life stuff right. And maybe, just maybe, they will see that we love Jesus enough to walk in this life with faith!

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