Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chris' team in the volleyball Championship. They WON!!

The girls with Audrey Evans . Dan & Barb's daughter.

Kerith Schroder (president of Cadence's daughter) singing a song called "Latte Boy". It was soooo funny. We all loved it. Especially my boys. I think they thought she was cute! I got tickled watching her mom, Joyce, as she played the music and tried not to laugh!

The kids taking it all in!

Audrey Evans with Abigail on stage singing "Marshamllow" with Matt huijshen

We spent some time with Mark & Priscilla Young and I think this is the only picture I have! I am such a goof. They were (and are) really quite precious to us!!


Prayer with the kids before baptism. I know I should have had my eyes closed!

My view from my bedroom.

Taking the WAR EAGLE wherever we go!!

The Girls with Sara Ingalls, her parents serve as house directors in Kansas. We plan to stop in and visit them!

Nick & Becky -our friends from Candidacy- They now serve as youth ministers in Germany

The Huijshens receiving their anniversary with Cadence -16 years. Aimee Hart met them in Germany so what a treat since I met her Phenix City. Mutual Friends now!

Elmer & Otis - Opened all our sessions! Crazy boys!

Andrew Hawkins (England Hospitality House) with the boys!

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