Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maysville, MO

What a joy. Today Chris not only got to share about Cadence, but also he got to preach. Chris shared a sermon about the Sake of the Name. This had been our them at our Cadence Conference too. He did a fantastic job and I heard people saying Amen and found myself agreeing with them. So many people came up to us afterward and said that God had really spoken to them. It is funny that how when we started this trip I wanted to find our partners in ministry, then at the first campground, I wanted to share Jesus and be a Cadence ambassador, and now, I just want to truly be the kind of Jesus that the people we encounter need. And we might not receive any financial gain from this, but the heavenly gain far outweighs any thing this world has to offer. I believe all that we are learning and gaining during this trip is preparing us for ministry.

After church, the body hosted us for a luncheon. Unfortunately, The kids were not only exhausted from arriving at our hotel really late last night, but we have also passed a stomach bug around. So needless to say Abigail threw up on the way to church, Caleb and Chris got sick at church. I hate we were not all feeling well enough to enjoy such a fine spread of food.

How did we find this First Baptist Church Maysville? My Dad took a group here with the Builders For Christ several years ago. Builders, that Church is beautiful!

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