Sunday, August 1, 2010


I love being with girls. Older girls, younger girls, bitty girls, and girlfriends. I am enjoying my time with all these girls. I have LOVED playing with a 1 year old. I have enjoyed listening to 3 little girls giggle, talk, share, argue, cry, and be together. I truly liked my time away with my girlfriends shopping, eating, laughing, crying, and sharing. I had a great time sharing my heart with MOPs mommies and having my best friend introduce me to the group was priceless. I marveled at the full circle we have made as friends, the growth of our MOPs group, the excitement felt when friends who couldn't conceive celebrate another pregnancy. This is the warmth that feels your heart and makes your throat get all tingly when you look and realize that you are surrounded by some of the most precious godly women. The women who you know that if something ever happened and you needed them they would fall on their knees and take you to the Savior. What a joy for me to be with these girls at this point in life.

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