Monday, July 19, 2010


Is not over-rated. God made it, use it, enjoy it. We are staying at Sue O'Dell's house. She is giving us the royal treatment. Comfy bed, nice hot showers, yummy food, space, and laundry.

Some of you don't know Sue. Many years ago when my Dad took a Builders For Christ group to Alaska, he was pairing people up with their host families. My parents and Grand-Parents were paired up with Sue and Clint O'Dell. Over the years, Sue and Clint have fallen in love with the Builders and its ministry, and the builders have fallen in love with them. They have gone on every trip since BFC came to them. Clint passed away from cancer 6 years ago. Sue is still active in the Builders, and still lives her life glorifying God.

We are speaking at Sue's church on Wednesday night. We are excited about going to this church. It already supports a Cadence missionary. How cool is that???

We picked up a new supporter yesterday at Webb City Baptist Church in Ozark, AR. So we are getting closer and closer!

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