Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dome house on the side of the mountain that looks like the one on Phineas and Pherbe.

Buffalo Park, I have tons more pictures, of course.

So this morning we got up and decided it would be nice to go to the state park. It is so beautiful. I loved seeing the buffalo. Chris and I were talking about what it must have been like a long time ago when the buffalo were free to stampede across the plains. The elevation is very interesting here. The Mile High City is the perfect name. The majesty and beauty of the mountains, flowers, and birds makes me love the creator even more. God is so creative!

Our suite-mates have arrived and are currently out shopping for some necessities. We have our first official dinner to go to in 2 hours. So I will try to post later on tonight, but it will all depend on how tired I am.

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Amy said...

So beautiful!!! I bet it is cooler there than it is here...we were over 100!

I love hearing the excitement in your posts! I'm praying for you daily and love ya much!