Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packing ...Who? What? How many days???

Oh My! I have packed us to travel before, but never like this. Chris and I for two weeks to one place. The four kids for two weeks to another place.

Toys x 4
Clothes x 4
Swim Equipment x 4
Toiletries x 4
Hairbows x 4
Critters x4
Sleeping bags X 4

clothes x2
Swimwear x 2
toiletries x 2
paperwork x 2
computer x 1
suitcases x 4
briefcase x 1
purse x 1

Add all this together
And it EQUALS =
A Good Nights sleep!

We are getting excited about our time in Colorado. And we are really getting excited about what the Lord is doing to prepare us. We had to read two books before we leave, Prisoner of Hope & The Faith of the American Soldier. Both were good. But let me tell you when I read Prisoner of Hope, my heart was moved even more to share Jesus with the military. It again felt like an urgency to get to our assigned location. When Joy described her feelings about getting to the ladies in Africa, I didn't get it. I admired it, but I didn't quite understand, for I had never heard about or felt anything like that before. But now, I truly understand. And Joy, I know you are reading this, So I get IT!


Amy said...

You know I love reading about your journey!

The boys are wearing hair bows?

Paula said...

Tears come to my eyes as I read and feel soo far away from our military families. I understand what you are talking about. My heart aches...

I, too, love reading about your journey. Whenever I check in and see your trip counter, I get a quick rush in my tummy and think about all that is still on the to-do-list list.

I was wondering about the hairbows X4, too.

Can't wait to see you Saturday!
Love, Paula

Amy May said...

Sleeping bags????

Haven't seen those.