Monday, June 16, 2008


We had great training today. I must tell you that the altitude is crazy here. It is so hard to breath. So we are drinking lots of water, and very little caffeine. Our sessions this morning were very good. We learned about some of the core values, military temptations, and youth ministry. And as one person put it, "Hearing the stories of God make him so much bigger." We had 3 interviews this afternoon. During one of them, I started feeling pretty lousy, and then later at dinner learned it was the altitude that was affecting us so badly. We are now back at our suite resting and plan to go to bed early. As much as I miss the kids, I am thankful, that they are home. We are so emotionally tired. Tomorrow we have more training and interviews. Please keep praying.


Gayle said...

Eli and Chris, hang in there with the altitude. It will get better. Steve and I are praying for the two of you. Take care and enjoy the journey!
Love, Mama Gayle

Matt, Ruth, Tyler, Meg and Noah said...

It does get better. I'm so excited for you. It was good to "chat" for a minute.

Peas on Earth said...

We have been out of town and are just catching up with your progress! How wonderful that you are there, for it means that you saw God's hand of provision continue to work! Have a great time. It will be overwhelming at times (believe me, I know!!) but take each small part and give it straight to the Lord. He's really the only one equipped to deal with it anyway, and it relieves the stress off of you. God bless you guys! Keep us informed! :-)
Love you!

Chris said...

Yeah! I am sorry about the altitude adjustments. I am praying for your time and love the updates!
We had a storm today so I think all of your sidewalk chalk finally disappeared. (sigh)
Love you,