Friday, June 20, 2008

Our First Missionary Picture as a couple!

What an Experience. We walked into the meeting room and sat in the round with 8 of the people from Cadence. They asked us how we had grown and changed this week. We shared how we felt like this has been such a wonderful experience as hard as it was. Chris and I both learned new things, and God really stretched us and like a child who is being disciplined, it stung. But it was good at the same time. Then the group went around the room and poured out blessing upon blessing on us. Then they asked us to leave the room as they discussed us one more time. We waited outside for about 5 minutes when they asked us to come back in. We were only sitting down for a few seconds when they said "We would like to extend to you the opportunity to to become Cadence missionaries. It would be our great pleasure if you choose to accept." At that moment, I heard Chris answer, but all I could do was cry. I was uncontrollably sobbing. This thing that had seemed so far away, that God had asked us to trust him and obey him. It was happening. Of course, there were many hugs and a big prayer. This morning, I was so nervous about going. I had tried to read into different peoples faces yesterday and couldn't get a sense. But God asked me would I follow Him even if this interview was painful and the result was not what I wanted. And I answered him in my humblest words that I took from Joshua "Choose you this day whom you will serve? As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord." And He again was so faithful!


Amy said...


He is faithful and true!

Love ya tons!

The Hall's said...


I know you will rest well tonight!!!

God is so good!

Teresa said...

I got chill bumps reading the words when they extended the invitation to you!

Gayle said...

It is really real! You are officialy missionaries! How exciting for you and your sweet family. Enjoy the rest of the time in the cool mountains!
Enjoy the journey!
Love, Mama Gayle

LAURA said...

I am really happy for you.