Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our 2 week Home

We arrived at 5:10 pm Mountain time in Denver. Rick picked us up from the airport and drove us to our dorm. We are staying at Colorado Christian University. In one of their suites. We are the only people here tonight. Tomorrow we will be joined by others and will have 2 girls as our suite mates. We are worn-out. that all day flying can really take its toll on you! So we are headed to bed, but I wanted you all to see our great "home away from home". We have free time tomorrow and plan to take the rental car out to the state park and take a picnic. Maybe see some buffalo? Then everything starts as we have dinner at 5:00pm. We are now totally exhilarated. this is such a great feeling. We have enjoyed the process in getting here, and have praised God for his hand that held us as prayed, and his hand that pointed us this way! Our schedule for the week is busy, but good. So keep us in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

I just love reading about the May's adventures. I look forward to a new post. Praying for you guys as you prepare for what God has given you to do. (Jason Curry's mom) Lynn

Amy May said...

As we were looking at the pics, Abigial said about your bed, "that side (the right) is mommy's because its pink."
We all laughed. I thought I would share that with you.