Thursday, May 29, 2008

11 Years

Chris and I will have been married 11 years on May 31st. I thought and thought of some way to sum up what Chris means to me, and I couldn't. I thought about this project I had done in a Bible Study when we had been married for 4 years. The project was to take a sheet of notebook paper and write on both sides. We were then to carry this in our Bible, and add to it as we continued in our marriages. Here is what is written on the front of my piece of paper:

Things that Attracted Me to Chris:
1. Tender Heart
2. Passion for the Lord
3. Desire to be a godly Husband & Father
4. Patience

On the back of the paper is written:

Things that Continue to Attract me to Chris
1. Bible Knowledge
2. He is a great Husband
3. Money Sense
4. He is a Wonderful Father
5. His Laugh
6. His Strength
7. How he handles everything
8. The way he plays with our kids
9. How he handled our move to Seminary
10. He cuts the grass
11. How he is trying to break out of shell
12. How he can annoy me with his desire to decipher the Bible
13. He didn't ask me for the grocery bill 10/21/04
14. That he is realizing he is a work in progress
15. How well he does at his job
16. He took me to dinner and didn't question the price!!
17. He lets me have alone time with my girlfriends
18. He lets me sleep in late from time to time.
19. He compliments my size. Especially following weight gain post twins!
20. He always tells me I am beautiful
21. He gets puffed up and proud when he introduces me to someone
22. He encourages me as a Mom
23. He can handle the kids and the house if I have to be away
24. He has great strength, faith, and trust
25. He doesn't let his childhood enable him as an adult
26. He isn't afraid to walk by faith
27. He Trusts God with our future.

I love adding to this little list. I hope it will one day help my kids see that loving their Daddy was something that grew more with time. My prayer is that they will see this also carry over into their relationship with the Lord. For My relationship with Him has gotten sweeter with time.

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