Friday, May 16, 2008

okay friends, here is an update!

We love our cute house in Alabama. We worked hard and the truck is empty and returned. The boxes are getting emptied...slowly but surely. I made coffee (thanks Jamie) this morning in my brand -new mug from Joy. So I am happy that we are making progress. Plan to get the TV hooked up in the next few days. My how I miss my brother! Plan to be finished in time to attend church Sunday and go to Chris' graduation party on Sunday afternoon.

Pray that in the next few days, we survive the change. I think the kids are like I am, still on vacation mode. It seems so silly, but I saw a Starbucks today (not close to me) and became sad for Fort Worth. And I never knew I was a downtown city girl. I guess Texas got in my blood. I know Tonya just can't believe I wrote that. However, it was so sweet to see my Grandmother and Grandaddy, Have dinner with Chris' cousins, visit with my Aunt as she unpacked boxes, eat with Chris' family, see friends in the army, and go joy-riding in the ol' hometown!

Todays biggest prayer request, is for Chris a job. Lifeway did not work out the way we had hoped. Please pray that God will be clear with us about what he would have us to do.

Thank you all,


Jenay Hale said...

I am glad to hear that you made it safe and are settling in.

Teresa said...

Yeah for safe travels and settling in! I'm looking at a move across town pretty soon and not looking forward to it. Although I'm kind of excited to wade through the junk and get rid of stuff I don't need. Boy do I like to collect useless stuff! : ) I hope things continue to go smoothly for you!