Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Pictures

We wanted to have a picture made for our Cadence Prayer Cards. We also wanted to get some good pictures of our family. Including pictures with my Mom , Dad, & Brother Nate


Helgrenfam said...

Oh I love these pics! They are beautiful! I am so glad to see the new kitchen and how big it was! Are you loving all the room of the new house? We love you and are praying for you both! Cant believe candidacy is so close! YIKES! Love you!

Teresa said...

Great pictures! I still can't believe how much the girls have grown since I last saw you guys! I've loved "catching up" with you guys through your blog. Can't wait to see/hear more.

Gayle said...

Great pictures! I remember that you guys had a great time that day. Enjoy the journey! Love Mama Gayle