Friday, September 5, 2008

Julia gets SPEECHLESS!

Aunt Becky sent a bag of goodies home with Chris from his volleyball game last night. When I showed Julia what she got, she just held her mouth open. I kept pulling out monogrammed bloomers (4 pair Total) and she could not catch her breath. She has wanted her name on bloomers for a while. She was so speechless, I started laughing. I wish I had gotten the camera out. If I had known she was going to be so beside herself, I would have made a dozen pictures. It was truly priceless. So this morning, I showed them all the hair bows. And of course, Abigail got her some bloomers too. I just had to post these pictures of the girls. They were and are still happily in love with the goodies. I did have to tell Julia she couldn't wear her bloomers under her skirt because it has built in britches. Much to her disappointment. But Sunday looks to be a great day for wearing them!!

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Amy said...

That first picture of Julia looks just like Caleb!