Tuesday, September 30, 2008


4 years ago we lived on campus at Southwesten Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). Our neighbors, Johnny & Sylvia Gonzales, were so sweet. I was happy to instantly meet a fellow stay-at-home Mom, a woman who pursued God, and who saw homemaking as wonderful gift. Sylvia was also well known for her bread. Now I must tell you that as much as we LOVED that bread, I am sad to say that I would tease her about all her healthy living. But over time, Sylvia broke through my uneducated mind, and helped me see the good in taking care of our bodies.

Fast forward to today. I now try to make as much of our bread as possible. And God has really been talking with me about eating better. I try to make good choices at the store, but with our finances the way they are, I sometimes just buy food to get us by. No matter how many preservatives or hydrogenated oil is in the food. So this past week I re-committed to making better choices.

Now for the HONEY. My parents are moving into their new house this week. They have already met their neighbors, and I am very happy with their neighbors. They live next door to GoldVine Farms. The honey farm!! My Parents were super sweet an brought me a box of honey. We are using it almost every day. For breakfast yesterday, I made fruit smoothies using organic yogurt, organic strawberries, bananas, hormone-free milk, flax seed, ice, and honey. The kids LOVED it. I am glad Mom and Dad invested in the honey, it will surely help us this fall and winter with allergies! I was thinking how interesting it is that honey never molds or mildews. Then my mind wandered over to the 'land of milk and honey' in the Bible. God promised the Israelites the land, and I never let my mind linger over the milk and honey. Try it!

And just now as I am writing this I am thinking about my parents new house, it is sitting right in the middle of land flowing with milk, honey, and eggs. My parents house literally sits between chicken houses, and the honey farm. And the cow pasture is across the street!

I am still learning all about our healthy eating. I plan on spending next Friday with Sylvia and letting her teach me some new stuff. Please pray that we will find places around us that sell the items we need to live healthy!

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