Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We had a great first day of school. We worked on hand writing, bible verse memorization, our lettering workbooks, math worksheets, discussed the presidential election, took a Presidential election test (David got an 80), worked on math-subtraction, Read from our Rod and Staff readers, Caleb drew some art with his new colored pencils (thanks again Grammy and Amy), And of course had our oral reading time of Robin Hood.

Here they are lined up for their first day of school.
This is right before they left "home".

Walking to the school room

At work on Math, lettering skills, and hand writing.

Our Map, Math drills, Bible verse (use for memorization and hand writing) and our Stars. We use the Super Star Helper to be the assistant.

Abigail in her new school shirt (thanks Mom) standing in front of the new buckets. Note the pictures on the buckets.


The Hall's said...

Fun! Glad it went well. Do you have a separate room for school this year? Looks like a great space!

The Hall's said...

Oh and the girls look so big sitting there. They have grown a lot lately!